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Krzysztof Wójtowicz
Creative designer
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I've been gaining experience as project manager and team leader for several years. I run trainings in: IT, logistics, events organization, team management. For a few years manager of the helpdesk department, and for last 5 years I face challenges as a Project Manager. It allowed me to work out own methodologies at work, and communication standards with the most difficult clients. In his spare time, hardware and new technology maniac. Father founder of GamingSociety, an eternal and dedicated PC player.
Stern Weber Polska
Team Leader
04.2018 - 02.2019
  • separating tasks and responsibilities for individual team members
  • implementing new initiatives
  • providing information on the results of individual employees
  • supervising the dates of tasks assigned to the team
  • providing the team with convenient and friendly working conditions
Gaming Society
06.2017 - current
  • team and portal management
  • visual and technical development of the website
  • budget planning
  • organisation of events
  • acquiring and building long-term relationships with partners
  • acquiring sponsors
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Nanovo Media
Project Manager / Senior IT Specjalist
02.2016 - 03.2018
  • managing the IT department, local and remote
  • administration of clients production servers
  • implementation of the Digital Signage system for clients
  • software development planning
  • integration with client systems
  • planning and implementation of projects
  • budgeting of projects
  • creating schedules
  • management of project teams, including a virtual team
Media 4 Business
Project Manager / Hardware Specialist
07.2013 - 02.2016
  • directing the IT department
  • submission and control of the quality of orders
  • conducting product training
  • implementing the DS system
  • administration of clients production servers
  • planning and implementation of projects
  • creating schedules
  • management of project teams
Miasta w internecie
IT Coach / Instructor
04.2012 - 05.2016
  • conducting IT training
  • creating training schedules
  • creating training and teaching materials
  • cooperation with companies and didactic facilities
CKiP in Kraśnik
IT Specialist / Graphic
01.2011 - 03.2012
  • network and server administration
  • implementation of new IT solutions
  • management of the HelpDesk team
  • creating graphics for the needs of the City of Kraśnik and the
Agencja MIX
12.2008 - 08.2010
  • vector / raster graphics design
  • image processing and raster graphics
  • preparation of projects for printing
  • preparation of DTP projects
Network Solutions
Junior Administrator
03.2008 - 09.2008
  • remote administration of servers based on Linux and Windows
  • preparation of servers for customer orders
  • work targeted at hosting and backup
  • supervision of the correct operation of the equipment
Interpersonal skills
Risk managenent
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Affinity Designer
Affinity Photo
Corel Draw